Marcin Wądołowski Quintet – “Blue Night Session”

32,00 zł

cover blue night session RGB netMarcin Wądołowski – guitar, composer
Wojciech Staroniewicz – tenor
& soprano saxophone
Dominik Bukowski- vibraphone
& xylosynth
Janusz Mackiewicz – bass
Adam Czerwiński – drums


Enjoy this thirty-nine-minute-plus album for its clarity, precision and a-changing with them the diversity of emotions making it an updated piece of jazz now. With each musician’s individual unique artistic imagination and craft demonstrated within a maximum five-minute standard rock song each, cohesive and usable content has been delivered keeping listeners happy or calm as well as getting them emotionally involved. With ten pieces included on his second album, this young Polish guitar virtuoso along with his seasoned fellow jazz musicians cover soft Latin music, funk aggressiveness and his own finely restrained guitar virtuosity leaving us in amazement over the abundance and spontaneity of xylosynth-crafted pallet of sounds. Slamming bass, bristling percussion and meticulous saxophones work skilfully together to make it all complete. The sixties saw the legendary Blue Note Records recordings made of similar length to those of Blue Night Session. Loaded with diversity and charm, this is a well-crafted, refreshingly positive album which is more than worth your time while Blue Note Records have, admittedly, survived to inspire breaking new ground in jazz. Find out for yourselves.

Jarek Kurek
(English translation by A.Wierus)

1. Jazz Moments  
2. Mood Prayer  
3. Bird`s Flight  
4. Waltz For Hanna  
5. New York Streets  
6. Good Angels  
7. John S  
8. My Etude  
9. Be Blues  
10. Short Impression