Łukasz Korybalski “CMM”

32,00 zł

CMM okładka front

Łukasz Korybalski – trumpet, flugelhorn
Borys Janczarski – tenor saxophone
Michał Tokaj – piano
Andrzej Święs – bass
Łukasz Żyta – drums
Bogusz Wekka – shaker (4)
Zbigniew Namysłowski – alto saxophone (2)


He Who Talks Loud Says Nothing






Taniec Greka


No Hangover




These few tracks- recorded to cheer up listeners, who can distinguish bebop from post-bop and a scooter from a motorbike- emanate a whole lotta good energy. They send a positive message to those who cherish their inner spontaneous sensitivity, against all that’s behind the windows and on air. These unusually well combined sounds put you into a trance, taking you into the world of black and white memories. In our heads we start seeing places that remind us moments of total elation. The first kiss and the last cigarette. The shithole bar we got beaten up in and that walk on the pier in Sopot. We remember all our hangovers and ventures into the city in search of who-knows-what. In our minds, we see faces of people, with whom we shared something more than a tram ride. Listening to this album, we get excited, as if we were taking part in shooting a film, that takes us right back to those times, when the streets were ruled by nylon jackets, non-iron shirts, stockings and dreams to travel over the Atlantic. We share the screen with them- great musicians of the young generation accompanied by the master, a wizard who enchants reality with his saxophone. It’s worth to go on this metaphysical adventure, playing this record over and over again.
Rafał Bryndal

Adam Baruch – The soundtrack of My Live