“NO FUSION” – Fusion Generation Project

32,00 zł

OkładkaFGP_digipack_NoFusion_Do internetuDariusz Petera - piano, keyboards, melodica
Krzysztof Lenczowski - acoustic & electric guitar, cello
Łukasz Jan Jóźwiak - bass guitar, piccolo bass
Krzysztof Kwiatkowski - drums
Marcin Kajper - tenor & soprano saxophone
Michael „Patches” Stewart - trumpet (special guest)


1. Flower 3:57
2. Try Before Buy 5:19
3. GoSpell 4:55
4. Ad Libitum 2 4:19
5. Rubber Bear 6:13
6. Hiromi 6:14
7. Jet Lag 4:59
8. AnG 6:27
9. No comment 5:09

Music, that can be heard on the “No Fusion”, without a doubt, pervades in two ways: quickly goes to the listener and spreads him through, and what is more, links different styles. However, this is not the accumulation of everything in one track. In this case you can safely say that there is something for everyone, because every song is different and shows a wide spectrum of skills of the musicians and their guests. A universal language of instruments can move the listener to any music area. Starting from gently beginning open solo percussion through compositions referring to the classics of jazz-rock, to the rooted in classical music the tone of cello. All of these things make that it is difficult to assign the aesthetics of the band to one category. Each instrument has its five minutes, now it is time for the musicians from FGP to have their five minutes or even longer at the publishing market. Let no one be deceived by the perverse title “No Fusion” – fusion sounds is present here, and in addition very suitable. This is a phonographic debut of a band consisting of musicians who are recognizable in the music industry in Poland. Here, however, partly cut off from their roots and entered on a new stage of play.