D16 (139x125) spine 8mm 1CD

Wenche Bilden – clarinet
Joanna Szczerbowska-Kowal – piano
Jan Jansen – keyboards
Iwona Lipińska – vibraphone
Jakub Pielak – bass guitar, synthesizers, programming
Rune Nikolajsen – saxophones
Tomasz Koza – guitars
Elżbieta Psonak-Frajczyk – viola
Andre Rokas – drums


Andromeda Galaxy


Psychotic World


Girl In The Shadow Of The Moon




Future Exploration


Faces Between Raindrops


Vulcan’s Electric Hammer – Part 1


“Vulcan’s Electric Hammer”- this somewhat surreal title is a tribute to Philip K. Dick.
At thirteen, maybe fourteen, no more, I read “Ubik”. This book changed my life, and made me an incurable fan of his work.
The material on the album is a retrospective glimpse into the life I experienced in my childhood, adolescence, and entering the psychotic world of adulthood.
I left my safe Andromeda. Beniamin appeared, then Irmina. It was a great time but people full of  hysterical beliefs about their own infallibility attempted to encroach upon it. They did everything to take the place of God, boldly embraced my joy to change it into drama. In the end, however, they turned  themselves into sad faces between the droplets of rain and left in the twilight unable to stop me on the edge of the future, which seductively invites me. I was learning life, Vulcan’s hammer was getting quiet, the beauty of difficult and joyful experiences was unfolding its irresistible and secret charm. Beniamin grew up, Irmina has got her own Andromeda.          
Life fascinates me more and more, I succumb to its love, charm, impenetrable simplicity, honesty and power.
I venture forth every day … but I will talk about it in the next album because the creative process is touching the robe of God, and I want to be touching His robe now and in the future.
Jakub Pielak